Join us and save the world's richest savanna!

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The Cerrado is burning and needs your help.

Wildfires are destroying our home - this year’s wildfires have already burnt a large area in the Chapada dos Veadeiros. Volunteers from Cavalcante’s fire brigade - BRIVAC - are risking their life to stop this.

Your donation will keep them going!

What is the challenge? 🔥

The Cerrado is the most biodiverse savanna in the world. Yes, you’ve heard us right. Yet, similarly to what is happening to the Amazon, the Cerrado is seriously threatened. More than half of the entire biome has disappeared to give place pastures and large monocultures in the past decades. Yet, the world depends on the Cerrado for its role as a climate regulator and habitat for unique biodiversity, South Americas and Brazil depends on it for their water, and local communities depend on the bountiful food and medicines that the Cerrado provides.

Wildfires are adding to the challenge. Climate change and human action are making wildfires more frequent and more intense. This year, fires have already ravaged over 30,000 hectares of the Chapada dos Veadeiros territory, and the dry season is not over yet and the risk of more fires is very high.

What are we proposing? 👩‍🚒

Brave women and men have been fighting these wildfires with their own hands in the Chapada dos Veadeiros landscape. In 2017, the Chapada dos Veadeiros experienced the largest fire ever recorded, destroying more than 70 thousand hectares of pristine vegetation. At this point, local volunteers in the municipality of Cavalcante - Goiás, formed the “Cavalcante Volunteer Fire Brigade (BRIVAC)” to promote fire prevention and to fight fires in this large municipality, similar in size to Switzerland.

These volunteer “firefighters” have been putting their lives at risk to help salve what little remains of one of the most critical ecosystems in the entire planet. They need your help to continue doing this tiring and risky job.

For this reason, we, from the Buritis Brooks Nature Reserve (, partnered with BRIVAC to raise funds for their activities. The Buritis Reserve is a private reserve in Cavalcante dedicated to the conservation, restoration and sustainable use of the Cerrado. The Reserve also aims to catalyze funds and partnerships to support the conservation of the Cerrado in the Chapada dos Veadeiros. This is the first crowdsourcing campaign we run.

How can you help? 🤔

In this crowdsourcing campaign, you too can help these heroes protect our beloved Cerrado, a global biodiversity hotspot and critically endangered biome. Your donation will be critical for BRIVAC in the next fire season, and as a reward if you donate more than $60, you will be able to appreciate a little bit closer, the exuberance of this little known and very important biome!

Funds raised will be reverted to BRIVAC (Cavalcante Volunteer Fire Brigade) to support their operational costs, including the purchase of personal protective equipment, operational costs of firefighting activities (such as food and transport) and secure a life insurance to the volunteer firefighters.

Join us! Your donation can and will make a difference. Every cent matters.

You can donate any value you want.

Use of funds 💵


  • Secure a life insurance for some of the volunteer firefighters

  • Buy Personal Protective Equipment

  • Support firefighting operational costs, such as:

    • Transport

    • Food

    • Drinking water


  • Secure a life insurance for all the volunteer firefighters

  • Strengthen BRIVAC as an institution, via:

    • Social communication

    • Production of educational material concerning the management of fire

  • Buy Personal Protective Equipment and Firefighting Equipment

  • Support additional operational costs, such as:

    • Administrative salaries

    • Transport

    • Food

    • Drinking water

We count on your support to help save the most biodiverse savanna in the world!

📸 Original Pictures: Ana Karla / BRIVAC / C. Eduardo / Bruna Braz / Filipe Mendes